Friday, August 7, 2015

MR. MANNERS by D.J. Paris

Dear Stupid Ass Questions & D.J. Paris, I recently took my in laws to an all you can eat buffet. My fiance got all bent out of shape when I pulled my chair up to the buffet and began eating out of the bowls. She said I wasacting ill mannered. Was I suppose to let my fiance’s parents go first?

Size DOES matter so click pic to enlarge

D.J. Paris, It's never ill mannered to go for what you want with passion. If peel-and-eat shrimp with poop veins is your thing, do not let anyone stand in front of your dream. And also, remember that your fiance's parents are the reason that she's crazy. Her inability to trust men has is because Daddy wasn't emotionally present when she was seven. And now you're supposed to reward their bad behavior by giving up pole position at the omelette bar? No-siree-bob.

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