Saturday, May 3, 2014

PAY BACK by Joanne Filan

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: A friend of mine’s mom passed away. I bought a sympathy card to mail to her. As I was putting it together I remembered I owe her $5.00. Is it ok to put the cash in there too or will she think that it’s a donation for her mother’s passing? I don’t want to get gipped and have to pay her again. Maybe I should put in a yellow sticky note on the inside of the card.

Size DOES matter so click picture to enlarge

Joanne: Dear Awkward,
It’s important to keep things respectful at this difficult time in your friend’s life.  Losing a loved one can be very hard to deal with and you don’t want to lose sight of your overall goal to help ease their pain.   Maybe there is an easier and later time for repaying your friend. While attending the funeral and paying respects, perhaps you could reach into the casket and “find” a $5 bill behind the deceased’s ear.  That way you can bring a happy and positive moment to an otherwise sad situation and even give the family a special new memory of their mother they can share with generations to come.

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