Tuesday, May 6, 2014

ZOMBIE LOVE by Kenny Colgin

Dear Stupid Ass Questions & Kenny, What happens to the fetus when a pregnant woman becomes a Zombie?

Size DOES matter so click picture to enlarge

Kenny: Ahhhh memory lane.  Believe it or not one of my greatest love affairs was with a zombie woman.  Oh yeah, I thought about marriage too.  If only the good times had out weighed the bad.  On the up side, she kept me in the greatest physical condition of my "act like I'm in shape" career.  I was running constantly! Every time I was around her I was running.  Man, I was fit as a fiddle.  The down side finally won out though.  Yeah she always professed to "love me for my brain"(Zombies in the South call them sweet breads by the way) and when she saw my brain scan after I'd been hit in the head with that rock (she threw at me to slow me down) well, no "sense in "having a boyfriend with no brain.  She dropped me like first period French class!  To love and have lost is far better than to have loved and been eaten I suppose.  Oh, about the baby thing.  Zombie chicks have never been recorded to have babies much less engage in "relations that would be conducive" to the wonderful and fantastic miracle of child birth.  Google it, they eat everything. 

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