Wednesday, December 18, 2013



Dear Stupid Ass Questions & Santa, Can I have a new, snow shovel for Christmas? The one I have is old and bent and I can't have my lazy neighbor clearing my driveway with inferior equipment. He seems to like the big, plastic ones.

Size DOES matter so click picture to enlarge

Kanta: See now, these are the kinds of letters Santa loves to receive! I mean it. I love it when somebody asks for a present they intend to give to someone else. Wish granted . You're going to be excited too. The elves have built probably the greatest snow shovel of all time. This bad boy has AM/FM radio, GPS, Facebook access, and get this, a HEATED handle! Spiffy huh? There is a bit of a catch though. Your beloved neighbor asked for and he's going to be receiving an, "All Expenses Paid Trip " to southern Florida for the Winter! Poor guy never gets out of the house and well,,,,I'm sending him a really nice sand shovel and pail as well. He's promised to find Santa some shark teeth and make me a necklace for when I join him in early January. Looks like a "WIN" for everybody 'eh? When your new shovel arrives hit me up on Facebook and I'll "share" the photos. Merry Christmas.

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