Thursday, December 5, 2013


Dear Stupid Ass Questions: My children have begun asking me if Santa is real. I don’t like to lie to them but I enjoy the excited look they get on Christmas morning when they see what Santa left them. My husband thinks they are getting of the age where they should be told the truth. He says that 13 and 15 is way to long to keep up the sham. How did you handle telling your children?
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Leah: Well, clearly you are home schooling your kids which is way weirder than a 15 year old believing in Santa.  Think about prom.  But as far as breaking bad news to children goes…I think it’s best to pair it with something more terrible that isn’t true.  It makes the truth sting less.  “We’ve legally changed your name to Santa.  There’s no such thing as Santa.  Santa’s dead.”  

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