Saturday, October 27, 2012


Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I was watching Sesame Street with my child the other day and they were showing a woman breastfeeding her baby. Now, my child is constantly pulling open my shirt while saying, “Milk, milk, milk”. I never breast fed my baby and actually have felt guilty that I didn’t. I don’t want my child to blame me later in life for their oral fixation with things. Do you think I should start now or is it too late?

Size DOES matter o click picture to enlarge

Dear Lactose Intolerant,
You neglect to tell us two important facts that we need before we can give you an answer. First, are you a woman or a man? Second, how old is your child? If you are a man and your child is now 25 your problems are now beyond my help. If you are a woman and your child is under the age of two, give it a shot! No pun intended! However, remember if you are going to breastfeed in public you should bring enough for everyone! 

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