Friday, September 20, 2013

READING, WRITING AND.... by Thomas Bellezza

Dear Stupid Ass Questions & Thomas, I was reading outside the other day and the cops arrested me. I think we’ve become a police state and I wonder since when is it against the law to read outside? Do you think the fact that I was in the nude at the school playground had anything to do with it?

Size DOES matter so click pic to enlarge

Thomas, Not at all freak. You could have been at a nudist playground. Don't assume, that's just wrong. Kids come out naked, so why can we all be naked around them? Oh that's right, because explaining to their therapist why some random person had their junk doing the Swinging Karradine between their legs is probably the hardest thing to ever get out of a child's mind. I guess there would be nothing hard about that if it were swinging. HEYOH, did you see what I did there? I did something inappropriate, you should start paying more attention to how that looks. Who am I to judge though, for all I know you were just Homeless camping.

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