Monday, September 16, 2013

HOMELESS? by Thomas Bellezza

Dear Stupid Ass Questions & Thomas, Are those who are homeless basically people who enjoy camping?

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Thomas: Funny you should ask this question. Let me clarify a few things up. A homeless person is normally a wealthy person who didn't want to deal with life's insanity anymore. I am not saying this happens all the time, just a small portion of the time. The rest of them are trying to follow in suit to become wealthy people. It makes sense if you think about it. In fact, you should try an experiment; since these homeless people are trying to take the 1% of our nations wealth, you should give them your home and trade with them to see if you could earn wealth on the street like these thieves do. If it makes you feel better, on those super hot nights, or cold evenings with no blanket, you can remember two very important things. 1) you are sacrificing to earn wealth so one day you can be rich and then give back to your community of people who are ignoring you, think you smell (because you do) and get mad at you because you need a dollar to buy something stupid: like food. And 2) think of it as camping.

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