Friday, February 10, 2012


Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I really like pizzelle cookies so much so that I looked for the machine to make them at home. Unfortunately, it is too expensive. I did notice however that they call it an iron.  So do you think I could just iron an eggo waffle… they kind of look the same?
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SEAN: For sure, I see no reason why not. Pretending to make rational choices is fun. Also If you're looking to see a major concert like the Rolling Stones this summer may i suggest heading down to your local bar and just throwing a few dollars in the jute box then hold your lighter at bay and start screaming "BROWN SUGAR" over and over until the (or the county mental health board) forces you to leave. Another great suggestion would be if you've always wanted to drive a BMW but don't have the funds. To make this dream materialize I suggest you approach a gang member at night in the seediest part of the city and ask to purchase the good ornaments they're sporting around their neck. In order to cross the language barrier you might want to use terms such as cronic, hip-hop or third time offender. Finally only approach gang members with teardrops tattooed to their faces. This ensures you have picked out not only a member of a nationally known crime organization but also a certified murderer.

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