Monday, December 3, 2012

BLACK TO SCHOOL by Anthony Solimini

Dear Stupid Ass Questions: I just read that they are now offering $10,000 for black moms to go to school. I'm not black but could use that money. Do you think if I painted my face black and borrowed my neighbor’s kid I’d qualify? Should I change my name to, Suzqwan?

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Dear Sad Lonely Girl, since Obama just won the election I too will be painting my face and changing my name to Vashon Metta World Peace. No, I will not get any money for this but I will be “keepin’ it real” since the USA is now officially “gangsta”…
As for you, well I say go for it. After all, America was built on lies, cheating, stealing and deception. Why should you, as a white woman, have to go to work and be responsible for yourself? NO! Take freebies. Live off the government. Take advantage of diversity based social welfare programs. And as for the kid; to have some real fun, borrow a white child. Keep the government workers guessing whose child it really is. See, we have so many rights in our country that they cannot take a DNA test! They will have to fork over the cha ching! But, you have to study! Remember they are paying for the education. However, my advice is to just sit next to a Chinese student and cheat! Ahhhhh. America!

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