Saturday, August 24, 2013

EQUAL RIGHTS by Jimmy Failla

Dear Stupid Ass Questions & Jimmy, Now that its legal for same sex marriage my son is getting married. We want to please Jesus so we're thinking of having his wedding at our local farmers barn. Do you think Jesus will approve…I mean he was born in one right?

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Jimmy, Let me first say, that as a married man, I'd like to congratulate your son on throwing his life away. As far as the whole "barn party" goes, I think you're over analyzing the Jesus thing. I've never heard anyone                                          getting damned to hell because of the location of a wedding reception.
Although I have to admit, if it happens this time, it's kind of funny. Especially if the devil greets you in a hideous bridesmaid dress and leads you on a conga line to the song "Hot, Hot, Hot."

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