Monday, February 25, 2013

REPLACED WORKER by Mary Tischbein

Dear Stupid Ass Questions, I’m wondering if you have any work for me? I am a recently unemployed electrical/maintenance worker, and my last job was in a huge stadium during a big sports event. What do you think my chances are for gainful employment?

Size does matter so click picture to enlarge.

MARY: First of all, we all know the entertainment portion of the event that went on at the halfway point was obviously the cause of the hiccup in the power outage. You can't have that much jelly rolling around and not expect some static to get kicked up. Blamazoid! But we understand if you were the scapegoat, as sucky as that is. Blame the guy with the utility belt, as my father used to say. He also used to say, stop picking at your scab, it will never heal! But that doesn't seem as relevant to this question. As far as the powers that be at having any work for you, uh, no. We're good. Definitely try the folks that run the internet, though. They seem to need some help with chronic pop-ups, and maybe you can work your magic and make those disappear, too.

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